In the overall perspective, taking care of the physical (body) aspect of your existence provides the foundation for producing better results in your overall life, so it will get more attention timewise.  However, the greater proportional time will pay off in terms of energy, alertness and thinking capacity so that one makes better decisions about life and is much more productive.  You "feel" better, which is also a part of happiness.  And being more productive and feeling stronger develops a confidence that cannot be replaced.

In the 80/20 Person's life, there is no tolerance for letting oneself down.  No tolerance is not the same as expecting oneself to be perfect or judging oneself negatively.  It is simply that the 80/20 Person stands for getting the most out of life and this "no tolerance" is part of what works.  If the 80/20 Person "goofs", he/she simply recognizes that and moves on to what is good and healthy, with no residual about any mistakes or goofs. 

Note that the 80/20 Person does not spend energy on judging oneself negatively and allows that 80% of the attainable results is satisfactory and not to be criticized, though he/she still keeps on going for more if there is a satisfactory payoff for the efforts.

So, what is "letting oneself down"? 

In the physical it is:

    Taking in poisons, which will always affect energy in the medium and especially in the long
    Having a body with the energy system on a low ebb.
    Being overweight and carrying around that weight and suffering the physical consequences
          of it.
    Not paying attention to "the indicators" that serve as warnings.

The goal is to have an "optimal" physical functioning. 

Beyond a certain point, efforts are not very productive in this area, so the 20% criteria here is met by establishing the measures of good health beyond which there is little added in terms of energy, longevity, and/or quality of life. 

Once those are established, then we simply do what works up to that point and then stop.  We don't overexercise and become great athletes or have great bodies - unless that fits into a special desire of an individual as a hobby - so it fits into the "hobby" time category that we insist on an individual happening.

Since "monitoring" what is going on is a 20% activity, those monitoring activities will be built in.

The criteria for health
The supporting activities
     80/20 eating
         80/20 grocery and staples shopping - and fewer and shorter trips 
     80/20 exercise
According to the 80/20 Person rules, you would simply adopt these without alot of study.  Just take the "how-to's" and "what-to-do's" and implement them.  If you need more information to keep you on track, then you go ahead and do more of the background learning - whatever it takes to make sure you are meeting the 80/20 criteria we've set up. 

Need more background or other readings?

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First you read the summary readings, then go to the specific readings that you are interested in. 

You commit to, except in emergencies, to Stay In The Maximum Power Zone