The 80/20 Person has looked at the level of importance of exercise and had made it mandatory.  It saves sufficient time in terms of energy and how you feel to be worth the payoff.  (Yes, I wrote that correctly - when you feel better from exercise, you get more done, not just from the energy, but from the decline in "contra energy" that comes when a person just doesn't feel good.)

The principles and strategies that are used by the 80/20 Person are:

Exercise minimum is nonviolatable - even if you have to do it slowly, you still do it.  At least four times a week (shoot for 6), of at least 20 minutes of aerobic.

The routine is set up ahead of time and is written.

Exercise as time efficiently as possible.  (For many, this will save hours.  Also people who do it at home have
     fewer barriers to doing it.
     Exercise at home with your own equipment.  Use the equipment in a place where you would ordinarily
        watch TV or such that you could read.  Whole body movement is best (stair climber machine), next is
        treadmill, then at the bottom level would be the exercise bike.

The 80/20 Person copies what has already been done, or at least finds something he/she can just alter or customize.  Go to The Life Management Alliance site and use some of the formats there.