Your life shifts from being run by it to you running it, as a Grand Master and Director, a true manager of your life.  As a result, your life becomes much easier and much more fulfilling, full of things that create more happiness and satisfaction in life.


Before someone becomes an 80/20 Person, the time spent in "managing" and "directing" was, maybe, 1%, and it was mostly seen as a bother.  But the 80/20 person spends a considerable amount of time in the thinking about what one wants and how to get it.  The 80/20 Person makes sure that his/her life is full of the most desirable things and includes what is "necessary" to sustain life as being useful and good, but not "a bother".

The 80/20 Person realizes that this "management" time has the highest overall return of any activity in life.  Many people think of the time spent managing as a bother that produces nothing, but it does, just as planning a trip is not the trip itself but it is the key to setting things up in order to enjoy the trip - obviously an essential part!  Don't try a trip without it!  Don't try a Life without it!!!!!!


The 80/20 Person doesn't engage in activities that produce very little satisfaction or happiness.  He/she looks at what is a waste of time and doesn't do those at all.  He/she doesn't buy into the myths or expectations.  So to cut to the chase, he/she spends about zero time on:

Reinventing the wheel: Reformulating, formulating, designing from scratch (except that which
  is personal) - those are extremely time-consuming and sometimes aren't as good as the
      Operates using pre-determined, pre-formatted systems, carefully set up so there is no
        further decision-making or extra efforts.
Trying to control the uncontrollable
      Controlling/changing others
      Seeking justice for justice's sake, if there is no other life impacting result
Rescuing others:  He could engage in co-planning but only with people who will perform.
Non-progressive people or negative people:  He/she immediately lists who those are and
  let's go, replacing with more mutually beneficial people.
Activities/people who sap energy from him/her:  Simply checks how he/she feels afterward
  and then stops when energy feels diminished.  (Freed up energy goes to people he/she values
  more and to which a greater contribution can be made.
Maintenance activities:  To the extent they can be delegated, shortened, or even set up so
  they are not necessary or are very low maintenance.
Any addiction:  He/she knows there is no net gain after the losses are deducted from the short
  term, empty "gain."
The bottom 40% of items on the impact scale:  He/she sits down immediately and lists off
  believed items in this category and figures out how to stop doing them or stop keeping them
  on hand.
Things that he/she probably won't finish:  So he/she doesn't even start!!!


The 80/20 Person does not waste time in a low state of resourcefulness and does whatever is needed to go back into a state of high resourcefulness - and his/her effectiveness is multiplied, while things are also easier at the same time!   He/she guards that resourcefulness as if it was life itself - as it is the equivalent of being vitally alive and getting the most out of life!

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