While 8020 is about having more of what you want in life, it is not about "achievement" as a drive or about perfection as a standard, as both are outside the 8020 world - as they are often dysfunctional and damaging.

Criteria for "good enough" - 80% or above, set at reasonable level, as criticism (which is unjustified almost always) uses energy.

Why do we separate those into different categories?  Aren't they the same?


Psychology is about the "psyche" and the "emotional content" that is dumped into the brain.
The emotional content needs to be cleaned up and the means through which we clean it up is the Process of Mind Management, where we develop a skill and way of doing it. 

Indeed, if we understand the Mind/Brain, we see that it has the primitive parts with their "stupid" but sometimes helpful warning systems and the "thinking" brain (the neocortex, frontal brain).  Through Mind Management we reprogram the circuits in the primitive brain, but on purpose.  Although in the same body and connected to each other, the primitive brain and the sophisticated, thinking brain are two different entities - tied together with one leg each in the sack and then trying to race toward the finish.  The smart one needs to manage the other one to progress toward the goal line.  

It is an error in thinking to believe that one is one's emotions and/or is a child within oneself, as that results in "victim" thinking, where one sees oneself as still powerless and dependent, as in childhood.  The 80/20 Person does not allow "victim" mentality to rule.

Ultimately, life is about the experience of it, which is the emotional content.  We just manage that content instead of letting it run us.

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