PARETO'S LAW:   80% of the results come from the top 20% most impactful sources.

    Corresponding rule:  Only 20% of the results come from the bottom 80% of the sources!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Drop those, give them up as much as possible; drop the hope that we still seem to attach to these.

FIRST CONCLUSION:  Focus first on the top 20% and do more of them, for more desired results.

SECOND CONCLUSION:  Cut out as much as possible of the lower 80% - and free up life for more high results activities!!!!

PARKINSON'S LAW:  The time taken on something will expand to take the space allotted.

    Corresponding law:  Don’t allow anything but the appropriate amount of time compared to importance; in fact, try to allow the least possible, as the extra work and details in the lower 80% have very little benefit.   (See Law Of Diminishing Marginal Returns, which refers to getting less and less out of the extra work or input once we reach a certain point – helps us determine when to stop something!)

Archimedes' LAW OF DISPLACEMENT - Any time inserted into our lives for low level activities will squeeze out of our schedule an equal amount of time that we could have used on high level activities, thereby robbing us of more results that we could have had with the higher level activities.  (His actual law has to do with putting an object into a bath tub, where it displaced the water in the tub to such a degree in ran over.)

   Corresponding Law:  If we remove low level activities that take time, we free up time and make "free
space", which we can use for free time, taking care of ourselves, rest, plus a number of high level activities.


It's pretty simple.  We need to do more of the high impact, high result items and do less of the low impact, low result items.   Generally, the top 20% of the items we do produce 80% of the results in terms of importance. 

The problem is that we used up so much of our time on low value activities that we had little time left.  We basically, unknowingly, took up the time (space, in a sense) that we could have used for higher level things.

If we free up the time by eliminating much of the bottom 80% of the activities, which produce low returns, then we can use that time for higher impact activities.  In fact, we can look for higher impact activiities to now add into our lives.