80/20 MEALS

Unless cooking is an enjoyable hobby, meal preparation is a "maintenance" activity - necessary to fill a need, but one that should be done in the most efficient, but proper, manner.

These meals should take almost no time, should be readily available (to avoid unhealthy alternatives that are convenient), and should satisfy your needs but not be a major point of living - the idea is to have time available for other higher payoff activities!

Of course, there are tradeoffs in terms of costs.  However, the costs may be well worth it, as you are putting life above money (which you'll need to balance, so see the 80/20 Money Plan).

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Preparing in bulk, such as in crockpots, baggies, or freezing is acceptable.

Vacuum packed one-minute meals such as Nutrisystem (pick carefully what you want).
Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine are also candidates.

Fully cooked frozen meats, fish..

The key is not the ideas above, but the discipline to not waste time that could be placed into high payoff activities.