Remember, the 80/20 Person is not the person who used 80/20 effectively in just one area, but is a person who uses it effectively in all of his/her life.   I will include some examples of people who use it in certain areas to great effect, but I do not hold them up as examples of the 80/20 Person you should emulate, though, of course, you can learn something from their example in certain areas.  You will be a smarter user of the 80/20 Life Principles, so you will get more, in total, out of all of your life.

There are a number of people who I admire for certain ways of being and/or accomplishments in an area, but most of them have not used 80/20, though I think many of them would if they caught onto it earlier on.


Mitt Romney is excellent, balancing extraordinary effectiveness in business, family, and church.  (Obama is a poor example of 80/20, except in politics and in "making an impression", where he has done so well without skills elsewhere, creating some harm from that, though well-meaning.)

Colin Powell

Jon Huntsman, Sr. (not the governor) - See his book "Winners Never Cheat".  I would estimate that his value system is so clear that he has used it to create an 80/20 life.

Tony Robbins - Though not earlier on in his life, I think he picked up on 80/20.

Barry Neil Kaufman - My experience of him is that he operates largely from what is most important and that he lives very effectively.  (He teaches this a bit differently, but is largely effective.  See Option Institute and Autism Treatment Centers of America.)

Robin Sharma - After not living in a balanced way, he took it on and did what is in his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, becoming an excellent coach.

Stephen Covey - One of the key advocates of 80/20, he appears to be living it.  See his book First Things First.

APPLYING 80/20 IN LIMITED AREAS;  These examples are in the "limited" category only because I am not familiar with how they are in other areas - so this is not a comment on the rest of their lives nor behaviors.


(Note that these people used 80/20 so well that they were considered valuable enough to pay huge salaries, not out of some conspiracy, but from the estimated value.

Jack Welch 
Lee Iacocca
Richard Branson
Bill Gates
Warren Buffett
Steve Jobs


Bill Clinton - Politics, moving to where he had to be 

Helping the world

Buddha - He caught on, after searching, and then he suggested "The Middle Way", which is in the spirit of 80/20.
Bjorn Lomborg - Considering the payoffs to the world for the money to be spent, and not just operating mechanically or without prioritization.
Brian Tracy - Perhaps he is living 80/20, as well he could be, as he teaches it.  One of the best teachers of life that I've ever seen.