Few people fully utilize this, one of the most powerful and most motivating - when you do it right and completely. 

Obviously, one has to first "see" what one wants before it is created.  Most people have heard or read:  "What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve."  (Napoleon Hill?)

This is true, but not in the mystical way many people attribute to it. 


It is one where a process must be engaged in.  Part of the process is not just to "visualize", but to describe in detail all the feelings, events, senses, etc., that will occur as if they are happening now. 

But this must be in writing! (Even your vivid imagination is not enough - things disappear in your head - and/or are not fully developed or complete.  A guided writing is much more effective.)  And it is enhance if it is then reviewed, reviewed and reviewed. 

One irony here is that while we want to be practical about all of this, it is helpful for us to do our visualization as if there were no limitations, employing even fanciful fantasy. 

Of course, then, as with brainstorming, we must determine what is feasible and workable.

And, for major things, it must be as if you are an architect building a beautiful edifice: designed in detail before it is built.  Building it in your mind (applied in writing to paper) will allow you to see if the results are the desired results, any problems on the road, if you're willing to do what it takes, and all the pieces needed. 

And "believing" results from the realistic "faith" that you've developed in yourself and your resources to use the habits and practices that work.